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GREEN SINCE 2005: Our shop is heated with recycled vegetable oil and local wood. Our vehicles run on biofuel made in house.
We do any kind of tuning, service, repair, building and rebuilding work that a pipe organ needs. Our background is mostly in tracker organs.

The company was started in 1993 by Stefan Maier and has been slowly growing since.

We take care of some of the more renowned organs in our home state of Massachusetts. This includes the Moore organ at the Old North church in Boston, the Flentrop organ at Harvard University, the Fisk organ at Wellesley College and the Taylor and Boody organ at Holy Cross College in Worcester.

Our recent building and rebuilding work includes the addition of a 3rd Division for the Steer & Turner organ at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Willimantic, CT. and the construction of a seaworthy, rollover proof pipe organ for the sailing Yacht Antonisa. We routinely rebuild or replace wind chests. Currently we are rebuilding the action as well as building a new console for the 1967 Rieger organ at the Village Church in Wellesley.

We have also restored several instruments by the classic American organ builders such as E.G.G. Hook, Johnson, Steer & Turner, Reed, Stevens and others. Our shop is fully equipped to do tonal work, wood working, leather work, pipe repair, metal work and electrical work.

What we do: